4 Ways To Intensify any Exercise!

Instead of just switching up your exercises, take your favorite exercises and CHALLENGE them! You can  increase the INTENSITY with these 4 methods.

  1. Tempo: the whole motion is done with control, usually 2-4 seconds up and down.
  2. Negative: the eccentric (or most often the lowering/elongating phase) is done slowly, anywhere from 4-8 seconds. Then you quickly move up or complete the Concentric phase. Time is focused in the eccentric phase.
  3. Pause: hold the bottom of the position for 2-3 seconds then power up out of the position.
  4. Ballistic: be as explosive as possible through the motion (but with control)

Heidi’s TIP!: I like to add negatives to my last set of a certain exercise (like pull ups) where I tax the exercise till I cant do any more negatives. GREAT BURNER! Remember, If it doesn’t CHALLENGE you, it doesn’t CHANGE you!

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