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Not sure what to eat on meet day? Here is a PDF guide including Meet Day Fueling, Travel Ready Food & Snacks, How To Build A Balanced Snack & BONUS Recovery Nutrition Ideas!

Need ideas for nutritious protein sources? This FREE Guide contains Plant & Animal Base Protein Sources, Fat Portion Sizes and BONUS How To Read A Food Label

Not sure how much you should be eating at each meal? Get this FREE hand Guide as well as how to use “My FitnessPa”l and “Should I Supplement”, helping make decisions on more clear.

Eating like an athlete takes a little more intention. With this FREE guide, you’ll also get 5 BONUS guides to help you eat like an athlete; “Performance Plate” how-to & Worksheet, “Pre Training Snacks” to help you decide what to bring to the gym, “Athlete Grocery Shopping list” & “Monitoring Hydration Status”


This Google Sheet template will automatically calculate attempts based off your training max. It will also include guides for warming up and when to do it!

Need a list when getting things togther? So do I. That’s why I made a master list to just help you not have to think about it!

Worried about weigh-ins? This comprehensive guide helps you know EVERYTHING you need to know on weigh-in day. It is structured for a USPA meet however much of the info works for all feds.

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