How to Use Energy Systems to Maximize Your Training

Killing yourself in the gym DOES NOT necessarily mean you’ll reach your fitness goals.

Here’s an easy breakdown of how you can use your own bodies energy systems to train for the right goals! Key things to remember:

  1. Alactic: Very high power output, very low capacity. Ex. 5-100m sprints that are less than 15 seconds of all out
  2. Glycolytic: High power output, low capacity.
    1. To maximize power: 30-50 sec work (ex. 400m sprints, sled pushes) at a moderate intensity with enough rest for full recovery.
    2. To maximize capacity: 60-90 sec work (ex. 400m sprints) with a moderate intensity, shorter rest.
  3. Aerobic: Low power output, very high capacity. Long term,  20-60 mins of continuous movement. To begin, find your max heart rate.
    1. Develop Aerobic Capacity: 82-84% max heart rate
    2. Maintenance: 75-82% max heart rate
    3. Recovery: 60-75%max heart rate

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