Devin Fitness Gym Coach In Huntsville Near Me


Deven is an incredibly motivated individual who loves assisting people on their journey to achieve their performance goals. His passion for performance came from his 12 years of serving as a military police officer in the U.S. Army. He had the opportunity to become a certified instructor and use the tools he learned there to effectively help others to get in the best shape of their life, and still be able to move through a variety of environments efficiently. During this time, Deven competed in many unit/soldier competitions, sporting events, and as a competitive powerlifter. He found that while he enjoy competing, Deven loved coaching others towards fulfilling their goals. He chose his certifications because they follow what he believes in his training values.

Strength is built by forging an exceptional foundation through proper body mechanics and intelligent progressions and regressions depending on the individuals needs. Deven is driven to help you, regardless of your goals, towards the journey to better performance.