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The Future Is Female Powerlifting is a once a week podcast that shares heartfelt and hilarious stories of successful women across the world. Asking how they made it, the challenges and opportunities they faced along the way, the lessons they’ve learned, the insights they’ve gained and what advice would they would give a woman looking to powerlift.

Mixed in with each of these interviews are our very popular Q & A sessions where fans of the show ask questions through our social media interactions.


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Our Story

In 2017, podcast fan Heidi Dehnel spent many days searching for a show that interviewed women of the powerlifting community. After finding only a handful that spoke with female powerlifters, she was unenthused by the lack of compelling questions and thought provoking conversations.

Heidi wanted to know more about how they struggled after the birth of their first child or how going through a divorce challenged their training. She had so many questions that were left unanswered that she felt would inspire her and other women listening.

And so, a year later, the show was born.

The Future Is Female Powerlifting Podcast first aired Nov 2018 with a passion to connect with influential powerlifting women.

The show began with 2 shows a month and now airs 4 shows a month, each launching every Thursday. Heidi has interviewed some of the most well respected lifters in the industry as well as appear at top meets such, as the Apeman Elite, to interview elite female lifters competing.

The Future Is Female Powerlifting one of the only female hosted powerlifting podcasts around.

Meet The Host

A former Hula dancer and athlete who originates from the Big Island of Hawaii and San Jose California, Heidi received her Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Hawaii Hilo in 2006. She is a United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Coach Practitioner, National Officiate & State Records Chairman.

She, along with her husband Deven, own Core Strength & Performance gym in Huntsville, Alabama. Always hoping to grow the sport of powerlifting amongst the women in North Alabama, “Core Barbell” is now comprised of over 15 athletes, of which 85% are women. Since launching her podcast “The Future Is Female Powerlifting” in 2018, Heidi has been able to reach more women who might be fearful towards taking the next step in strength through powerful storytelling and intimate conversation.

Some of the most well known & strongest powerlifters in the industry have graced the show such as Julia Anto, Laura Phelps, CC Ingram, Amanda “Haparican” Kohatsu & creator of Kabuki Strength, Chris Duffin.


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