Powerlifting Program

Ever thought about powerlifting?

But thought, “I don’t want to look stupid” or “I don’t know what I’m doing”. Well, then this is the right step for you.

Core Barbells Women Only 90-Day Lean & Strong Powerlifting Program is perfect for ladies who have been interested in lifting heavy! This class focuses on getting your feet wet and learning the basics of powerlifting & strength training.

Our experienced coaches will train you through the Foundational 3 movements, squat, bench and deadlift while focusing on increasing your strength & fitness. Time is spent on proper posture and form so when meet day comes around, you feel confident and secure you know what you’re doing. 

When Does It Start?

The 6 women only, small group course is held every Tuesday & Thursday from 6:30pm-7:45pm. After the 90 days are up, you can continue on month-to-month until you STEP ON THE PLATFORM! Best way to see your progress is to compete! You’ll be surrounded by a supportive environment of your fellow training partners and other great members of the gym!

This 60-90 minute class will typically start with a briefing on what will be covered, a structured warm-up, skill coaching on a particular movement or two, the customized workout, then a cool down and brief lecture on a particular topic of the day. 

Not looking for Women’s only? We offer a beginner to advanced Powerlifting coaching in our adult “Core Strength” classes! Check our schedule for the various class times!


 Here’s How The Lean & Strong Program Works


Step 1

Show Up 3 days Each Week

We designed the program for 2-3 days of training a week. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-7:45pm we will train together in our small group setting and one other day (preferably Saturday), you will train on your own. But don’t worry! You’ll understand what to do on your own so no feeling lost!


Step 2

Follow our Smple Nutrition Guide

Creating new healthy nutrition habits while focusing on increasing your strength work hand in hand with our training. We help you choose foods based on their ability to positively impact your health and well being.

This means that we encourage you to eliminate processed foods from your life while adopting a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, good fats, and quality proteins.


Step 3


At the end of the program, we’d love to help you step on the platform and compete! There are always a few competitions within a few months of your completion which would line you up perfectly! Coach Heidi is also a United States Powerlifting Association Judge who will teach you exactly what you need to know to peak to the platform!


We know what you are thinking right now…

“What makes this 90-Day Lean & Strong Program different than all the other fitness stuff that is showing up in my social media and inbox?”

And frankly, that is a great question to be asking…

Bottom line is that we are the only program in your local area that will give you a fun and supportive environment that will help ease some of the “nerves” of trying something new. But if you want a true comparison of why we are different and why our programs work so well, check the chart below…



No Obligation! Fill out the form to Speak To Us!

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    Aloha! My name is Heidi and this is my husband Deven. We are known as the strength & fitness coaches out here in South Huntsville.

    My husband and I have been running fitness programs responsible for helping people, just like you, to safely increase their strength put on great muscle!

    In fact, as you can see in the testimonials, our members are pretty darn happy with their fitness results.

    And what they’re even happier about is how they lost the weight, gained strength and learned how to maintain it.

    If you are interested in getting strong and lean, you really need to come try out Core Strength & Performance.  Join a fitness community like no other 🙂


    Now I know you still might be a little skeptical, I know I would be if I were you too.

    You’re probably wondering if this will actually work for you and you are probably a little nervous or scared to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

    I want you to know something…

    I am here for you, Coach Deven is here for you and most importantly, all of our members are here for you – we are a Core Crew.

    As a matter of fact, many of our members below had that same skepticism and doubt in their heads when they started their strength transformations.

    But just look at the results they achieved with the support of our programs…

    NOTE: Feel free to come in and actually meet these people and hear their stories – they are REAL people just like you 🙂

    How much does it cost?

    Well that’s really the best part.

    Normally, if you were to work with us for 90 Days you would be paying around the range of $750 to get amazing results – and people have paid this on numerous occasions and been fine with it because of the results they got in such a short period of time…

    However, since this is our 90-Day Lean & Strong Program and we are set on getting you into strong so that you can impress your family and friends, you can get a special deal (view details below)…

    It only takes 3 days a week to build incredible strength &  drop some unwanted pounds… that’s the same amount of time you spend binge-watching Netflix!

    There’s no need to hesitate, claim your spot in our program today, and get the health & strength you deserve!

    … and if you don’t get any results from our program – YOU DON’T PAY A DIME!

    That’s right… The BEST part is that this program comes with a risk-free money back guarantee.

    If you do not get stronger by the end of this program, we will issue you a full refund… No Hassle… No Hard Feelings.

    That is how confident I am that you will absolutely LOVE the 90-Day Lean & Strong Powerlifting Program ????

    Now Only $249 a Month!

    Now there is NO bait & switch like that other place you might have heard of. With a long track record of proven results, you get results or you get every penny back.



    We are so confident that you will love your training experience, see amazing results, feel better, and feel right at home, we’re removing all worry and doubt by offering you a 90 day full money back guarantee.

    Give us a chance by committing fully to our program as directed by your personal fitness coach for 90 days. If, after following our program as designed, you feel you have not experienced results or that our program will not get you to your goal, we will happily refund your money.


    • Where is your location?
      • 1405 Weatherly Plaza, Suite B Huntsville, AL 35803
    • How can we get a hold of you if we have questions?
    • What is your schedule?
      • Tuesday & Thursday: 6:15pm-7:30pm
    • How long are your classes?
      • 50-60 minutes for most of our classes. 
    • If I am out of shape, can I still do the program?
      • Yes! we have customizations for every exercise and we can scale the workout to fit your fitness level.
    • What if I can’t make everyday to train?
      • No worries! If you can still make it at least 2 days a week to train, you will still get amazing results (especially if you follow your Metashred Meal Plan!)

    Not Sure? Fill out the form to talk to us!

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