Not your average podcast

"I am not a big podcast fan, it’s hard to keep my interest, however, after listening to the podcast with Swede Burns, I became a fan of this podcast and have listened to two more just today! All of them have kept my interest throughout and I will continue to follow this podcast."


Best Powerlifting Podcast

"The future is female powerlifting” is the best powerlifting podcast out now. Heidi and her guests have such natural and engaging banter about all facets of powerlifting. Heidi seems so down to earth and likeable, you don’t have to be a veteran lifter to learn and understand the conversation topics. I feel like I learn something from every episode"



"I listen and re-listen to every episode. i learn. i laugh. i feel. And i always feel a little more powerlifty after every listen! Thank you, Heidi for the time, energy, and expertise you put into this podcast.!"


Great content. Inspirational stories.

"I just recently found podcasts...I know...I just came out from under my rock. Hearing the stories of these women, how they got started, their struggles, it’s helped me realize that I’m not alone. There are other women out there going through the same things that I am and hearing how these women rose above their adversities just makes me want to keep pushing harder. It’s truly inspirational and I’m happy I found this podcast."


Awesome Podcast!!

"I love listening to this podcast. Not only is it empowering and supportive of women, but Heidi discusses real struggles and successes of real women. I’m not a powerlifter, but I still love to listen every week!"