“Nightmare Before Christmas” Core Members Only Throwdown

We are excited to put out the first annual “Nightmare Before Christmas” Member Throwdown! You’ve been training all year to see where your strength has improved over the last couple of months! Your training is leading to this awesome moment!!

Event Details

When:   Saturday, December 19th 2020
Where:  Core Strength & Performance
Time:  Within the specified timeframe. The schedule & roster sign-up will be put out by end of November. We will finish by 12:30pm
Prizes:  Each member who participates will receive a custom “Nightmare Before Christmas” medal. Special awards will be announced before the event!!

What Events: We will be testing all the events on the chalkboard.

  • Squat: 3-rep max
  • Bench: 3-rep max
  • Deadlift: 3-rep max
  • Pull-ups: as many as you can do
  • 1-min Calorie burn: YUP THIS IS ON THERE!
  • Sled Push: max amount for 10 yds (one length of turf)