Our Top 3 Steps To Make Results Stick

We all know the struggle of wanting to improve.

You may be telling yourself things like:

“I’ll eat better tomorrow”

“Monday I’ll start working out”

“I’m going to eat only clean food, workout 7 days a week, and be more active at work by walking at lunch time”.

This motivation is great and typically will work for awhile but eventually, you’ll burn out.

I know you know it.

The motivation starts to slowly diminish and the burn out can appear subtle. You may be telling yourself:

“I’m seeing results so I don’t NEED to workout”

“You can eat some extra snacks because you’ve been doing so good”

“Go larger on your next cheat meal, you deserve it!”

Next thing you know and you’ve stopped prepping meals, you have some nagging pains from training so much, and you feel overall drained.

All your hard fought results slowly start slipping away…

Here’s why our 3D approach was designed with your LONG-TERM results in mind.

It is a whole body approach targeting mind and body in smaller doses that are much more palatable and achievable. In the famous words of legendary Coach John Wooden…

“You have to apply yourself each day to becoming a little better. By applying yourself to the task of becoming a little better each and every day over a period of time, you will become a lot better”. 

John wooden

So how does one become a little better everyday? I’m glad you asked. 

In our system we focus on one area at a time so that you do not feel overwhelmed. Once you have demonstrated consistency and the development of that habit, we will progress you to the next part.

This way your body and mind has ample time to absorb new information and instill routines. This builds and reinforces learned habits.

Then, we finally set a challenge to demonstrate the success of the habit and a readiness to progress!

Core’s 3D Approach Towards Success

1. DEPENDABLE: We ask that you’re dependable showing up to the gym.

If you persist, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.


What does dependable look like you ask? Dependable is showing up a minimum of 3 days a week to begin. If you are new to working out or returning back to training, we recommend starting 3 days a week.

However, each person has a different fitness levels. So for those with previous training, more training may be an option (don’t get ahead of yourself though, more is not always better).

Once you have established 4 weeks of 3 workouts a week, we will challenge you to schedule your next 4 weeks, and not miss a day!

This is you committing to yourself that YOU ARE THE PRIORITY.

There are a 168 hours in a week, you should be able to commit 4 hours a week (about 2.5% of your week) to improving your health and strength. Once this is done, you are prepared for the next step.

2. DIET: We take a closer look at how you eat.

You were born to be real, not perfect.

Claire Jones

Here we will have you fill out a daily food journal, logging everything you eat each day for 7 days. Be Honest!!! It does no one any good if you just write chicken and broccoli every meal if you aren’t eating that.

We are not here to judge, but to help you on your fitness journey. Once we have this information, we will discuss one change you can make to your diet to get you on the right path.

Just one small change at a time.

After 4 weeks of being consistent with the habits we as a team planned, it’s game time. You will come up with a nutrition/meal plan you want to spend 4 weeks achieving.

When you crush this plan and show nutrition it’s got nothing on your super powered mind, we move on to the third and final step…

3. DESTINATION: You and your coach work through goal setting.

Words may inspire but only action creates change.

Simon Sinek

This is not your coach telling you what you need and you following along. This requires a hard personal look inside to identify what you need to work on and get it done. Your coach is more of a facilitator in this process, asking thought provoking questions to help you come to your own conclusions.

Once you have identified where you want to go, you will design an action plan to get you there. This process takes some time, and the destination can be planned up to a year out, so pack a lunch because we’re on the Choo Choo train headed towards previously unimaginable life changes!

Understanding that we can only absorb so much information, and motivation fades, our process guides you to move on when you’re ready.

This process, though not fast or fancy, will help you avoid the inevitable burnout and quitting. Consistency is the key to long-term success and this formula is the road map to get you there.

Now it’s time for you to get ready, do some work, and become the strongest version of you!!

Written by: Deven Dehnel

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