#100 Top 10 Tips Towards Feeling Confident On The Platform

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#100 Top 10 Tips Towards Feeling Confident On The Platform

On our very special 100th Episode, we take a deeper look into how we can feel more confident when stepping on the platform. Feeling confident heading into a meet is crucial for a powerlifter to perform well, and today we discuss strategies previous guests shared with us over the years that can boost your confidence on the big day.

Listen as we go over:

  • Proper Preparation: how are you preparing physically and mentally?
  • Setting Realistic Goals: 1k total?
  • Visualization: what do you see yourself doing on the platform?
  • Positive Self-Talk: how are you hyping yourself up?
  • Process Oriented: are you fixated on outcomes or comparing yourself to others?
  • Supportive Homies: who is your support system?
  • Managing Anxiety and staying relaxed: do you know how to curb your shit?
  • Getting Reps in: experience matters
  • Celebrating Small wins: are you recognizing the progress or only looking at the outcome?
  • Enjoying the Experience: are you embracing the challenge?
Featured Guest/People/Info Mentioned:
  • Stacy “Bama” Burr @bamaburr
  • Susan Salazar @supers2o
  • Roger Kitchen Jr. @roger_kitchen_jr/

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