#83 Perceived Competence of Visibly tattooed Women with Elite Powerlifter Dr. Ayngelia “Star” Ara

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#83 Perceived Competence of Visibly tattooed Women with Elite Powerlifter Dr. Ayngelia "Star" Ara

Though visible tattoos have become more mainstream within the last decade or so, there are still prevailing social-cultural views of tattoos and the individual who wears them.  Seen as deviant, criminalistic, or immoral, many of these perceptions are generational and biased towards little understanding of the tattoed community, especially amongst scholars.

Dr. Ayngelia “Star” Ara, who is a USPC Committee & International ref, an educator, eLearning designer, and technical writer, speaks about her book has been studying just that for the last couple of years. Her book, “The Public Self and the Perceived Competence of Visibly Tattooed Women as Higher Education Administrators” gives a unique perspective to gender debates when discussing the appearance of visible tattoos and higher education women administrators.

Star and I talk about her own experiences being tattoed on over 75% of her body. Listen as we go over:

  1. Tattoos with women in administration
  2. Why she wrote the book
  3. HIstory of tattooing and the womens place
  4. Appereance practices
  5. Geared judging
  6. Training with stab wound
Featured Guest/People/Info Mentioned:
  • Dr. Ayngelia Ara @star_lift3r
  • Tim Paynter @paynterperiodization
  • USPC @uspc.pl
  • Her book on Amazon

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