Athlete of the Month: Vickie M.

Vickie is one of the most positive, fun loving women I know.

Since the day Vickie stepped into Core, she’s been an open book to learn a new style of fitness. With a long history running marathons, Vickie was looking for something different that would also challenge her. She was going to a gym but not utilizing it they way she would like and luckily, she came to us!

She has not only improved her overall body composition, but her strength has gone up consistently every month. She moves well and looks like a champ doing it.

Since the beginning of 2018, Vickie has attended 149 classes making her #2 in the most classes EVER attended! This is the reason why we stress how important it is to JUST SHOW UP. Not only does Vickie attend class almost every day, but rolls in at 6am with a positive attitude and a pizzaz for life!

Her smile is infectious and her energy is magnetizing. We are honored to have such a wonderful woman a part of our gym!