#004 Shana Miller: From Dark Times to A Life Of Love & Powerlifting

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#004 Shana Miller: From Dark Times to A Life Of Love & Powerlifting

She’s sweet as bourbon but that’s not all Kentucky native Shana Miller is known for. In 5 years, she’s tackled 13 meets in 4 weight classes, claimed an All Time World Record at 97lbs AND went on to build a phenomenal physique for bodybuilding. Her best lifts in the 123 weight class (where she weighed 120.7) was 425 squat (4th Attempt ATWR in wraps), 225 bench and 375 deadlift totaling 1,020 bringing her WILKS to 543. Impressive is an understatement.

Shana candidly opens up about dark times in her life battling eating disorders and body image. You’ll learn how negative comments about her physique lead her to where she’s at now, loving her strength and the body that was built through powerlifting. Shana also touches on how she still deals with negative comments through social media and her neutral “zen” way of handling them. With the support of a tight knit family, an Iron Mafia family to be exact, they continue to grow the sport of powerlifting in the state of Kentucky and many of the surrounding areas through exciting, unforgettable meets.

In this episode Shana and I discuss controversial topics such as breast augmentation and training.  Listen as we go over:

  • Her husbands recent injury and his road to recovery
  • Her history with Powerlifting, Iron Mafia & Four Brothers gym
  • Training with whatever you got
  • Powerlifting meets she and Iron Mafia hold
  • Women vs men at the gym
  • Dark times with bulimia and body image
  • Breast augmentation & training
  • Bodybuilding prep and powerlifting
  • Negative comments about being “a man”
  • What’s in store for the future

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