#011 Yessica Martinez: The Challenge Is The Way

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#011 Yessica Martinez: The Challenge Is The Way

Being able to take a obstacle head on can sometimes not only feel daunting, but scary. Learning something new, that you will probably will suck in, can be exhausting, frustrating and can lead you to question your own capabilities. But those moments of struggle is where we grow, and Yessica Martinez has turned every challenge into an opportunity to get better, stronger and tougher.

Yessica and I discuss her history with powerlifting and how it led her to Elite FTS as well as kicking ass as a strongman competitor. She has had many twists and turns her life that have gave her the opportunity to look at each path as an area for growth. Through being strong but not yet seasoned, to being experienced yet still feeling like she has not learned enough, Yessie has developed a growth vision for reflection. This, and an open mind for learning, has helped her be where she’s at right now, succeeding and making an impact.

In this episode, Yessica and I talk about her transition from raw to geared lifting and the difficulties of changing her squat that took 6 months to grove. Listen as we go over:
  • Life before powerlifting
  • Idol Makers gym and where it started
  • Joining Elite FTS
  • “Your Experience, Your Power”
  • It takes more guts to say I don’t know
  • Focus less of the fluff
  • Raw to geared powerlifting
  • Bucket List
  • Strong people are just people too
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