#039 Q & A with Christina Myers: Period weight gain, DNA Genetic testing, Protein intake & more!

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#039 Q & A with Christina Myers: Period weight gain, DNA Genetic testing, Protein intake & more!

Our Q & A is back with coach Christine Myers! Listen as we discuss questions that were asked on our Instagram & Facebook “Golden Mic” Post!

In this episode, Christina and I talk about how to balance nutrition in your offseason. Listen as we go over:
  • How should one handle body composition insecurities in powerlifting? Knowing that performance can be best in a weight class where you may not be happiest with how you look, what are some mental approaches to dealing with that- @matt.w.stinson
  • Period weight gain right before weigh-ins-@highhamstringz
  • Cutting weight, what sort of mindset should we have (afraid of losing strength)_-@sloansabroad
  • Nutrition program for people who are on shift work and just want a basic quick meal prep- @prossypants
  • Struggle with protein intake. Options or ideas to make it easier besides shakes: @jacastle8
  • Based on DNA genetic testing, my body best performers as endurance (80%) versus power (20%) but I love to power lift. How would you approach a client for muscle growth and powerlifting strength with this factor? @Courtneyforlife
  • Best things to focus on when not in a prep and gaining muscle mass? Nutrition and training?- @syd.ney.ann
  • Motivated and good with nutrition during meet prep however with no meet I have too many treats. How do I balance?-reshape with ape
  • Tips for removing slack before starting a deadlift with long limbs-@lankylifter
  • Best hand/grip position for squatting with wrist issues? Also maybe some general info on wrist health- @taste0fink
  • How many times a week do you train? Is your nutrition different when you’re on your period? Do you do anything diff regarding training or habits when on your period?@fit_lil_pepp  
  • Protein, collagen, vitamins, BCAA, how do I start and how do I know what I need? @christen2484
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