#041 Q & A with Julia Anto: Building Muscle Over 50, Recovery Methods, Lifting with Back Injury & more!

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#041 Q & A with Julia Anto: Building Muscle Over 50, Recovery Methods, Lifting with Back Injury & more!

Our Q & A is back with Elite FTS Coach Julia Anto! Listen as we discuss questions that were asked on our Instagram & Facebook “Golden Mic” Post!

In this episode, Julia and I talk about how some recovery methods that don’t suck. Listen as we go over:
  • Tips/ advice for someone just getting into the nutrition side of the sport?- @xtina0421
  • How far out from a meet should a lifter begin a peaking program?- @Prairie_barbell
  • How would you approach training while dealing with a disc injury (L5S1)? Specifically, how would you progress from unloaded movements to eventually lifting again?- @shanajstone
  • What are ya’lls favorite and least favorite accessories?- @ssguda
  • Any good recovery methods for sore muscles after lifting?
  • What do you think the new generation of powerlifters is caught up on?
  • There is a thin line between just lifting heavy and pushing yourself (just train mentality) and executing the lift properly (train smart). How do you know when to do one or the other?
  • Recovery, self-care examples… doing nothing on a rest day is what my body wants to do but I’m finding it’s not what I SHOULD do.
  • Advice for overcoming mental barriers when it comes to getting under heavyweight?
  • Started lifting after 50, how do I build more muscle?
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