#006 Sherine Marcelle: The Unstoppable CEO of Sisters of Powerlifting

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#006 Sherine Marcelle: The Unstoppable CEO of Sisters of Powerlifting

Self-proclaimed gamer and all-around strong ass lifter, CEO of Sisters of Powerlifting Sherine Marcelle is an unstoppable woman. At a time when most would meekly crumble in despair, Sherine lifted herself up and gave adversity the bird.

Make no mistake, Sherine shares her difficulty struggling with self-image and confidence. However, like many of us who have struggled the same, time and friendship can heal the soul. She opens up about a deeply difficult time balancing a challenging breakup while unexpectedly losing her job, and how that experience was a pivotal moment that elevated Sisters of Powerlifting. Listen as she talks about how a close group of friends has helped her feel more confident and live more freely.

In this episode Sherine and I talk about how she started powerlifting and how taking a leap of faith ultimately was the right choice.  Listen as we go over:
  • Melanin Powerlifting
  • Sisters of Powerlifting Donation section
  • Pros & Cons of weight based sports
  • Chocolate Bar Podcast & Black Girl Pilates
  • Being socially awkward
  • “Finding myself” moment
  • IMVU gaming
  • Tinder for Powerlifters??
  • “Utilize your career to fund your dream”- Mom
Featured Guest/People Mentioned:

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