#013 Leo Richardson: From Humble Beginnings, Comes Great Things

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#013 Leo Richardson: From Humble Beginnings, Comes Great Things

At almost every National level USPA meet or higher, you will see this beefy, green shirt woman with a Colgate smile checking you in. She not only unfolds your stinky socks to check length, but also emails you a membership card, updates your new meet records and is probably handing you your medal. That woman my friends is Leo Richardson, Executive Administrator to United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) and #AARPStrong Powerlifter.

Leo has been a woman on a mission since she knew she wanted to make powerlifting her life. Passionate and driven by elevating the experience for the lifters, Leo has honed in her craft of hosting meets all over the nation while help managing behind the scenes affairs at the USPA head office. This task is not easy and is one that does not get much recognition. When you have a meet that started on time, finished before 5, and has little down time between lifts…you have a organized meet director who knows what they are doing.

Leo is true to her roots and continues to stay loyally committed to her first powerlifting team, Mana Barbell. Her vision to grow the sport in Hawaii with fellow Mana Barbell teammates is a life long passion that she continues to chip closer to each year. Dear to my heart, I too am eager to see how powerlifting will blossom in Hawaii even more over the following years.

In this episode, Leo and I recount stories of people we know, though we never met in Hawaii. Listen as we go over:
  • Her desire to be an admin in Powerlifting
  • Mana Barbell and the beginning of the dream
  • The vision of powerlifting for USPA President Steve Denison
  • How to throw a kick ass meet
  • Elevating people around you
  • Passing on the sport
  • Growing the USPA in Hawaii
  • Maui Female owned powerlifting gym, Ho’omana Barbell
Featured Guest/People Mentioned:

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