#021 Melissa Fulgencio: Legal Strength At Any Size

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#021 Melissa Fulgencio: Legal Strength At Any Size

Discipline, focus, and strength. Three words that best describe Melissa Fulgencio’s care for each of the clients she represents. Her passion to help small to mid-size businesses have lead her to start her own “client-focused” practice, Uplift Law. From So-Cal Powerlifting to OC Strength Club, Melissa has represented those who are truly looking for an attorney they can trust. “Legal Strength At Any Size” is more than a motto, it is Melissa’s commitment to fearlessly fight for you on the legal platform.

Not only a powerhouse in litigation, but Melissa is also a MACHINE on the platform. Competing at the 52kg & 56kg weight class, she totals a phenomenal 804lbs and a 428 wilks. Nationally ranked in USPA & USAPL, Melissa also dives into what she is doing to gear up towards possibly her best competitive year ever.

In this episode, Melissa and I discuss how she went from a morbidly obese newly attorney to nationally ranked powerlifter. Listen as we go over:

  • The lesser known areas of litigation
  • Encouraging women to pursue law
  • How she changed her life and discovered powerlifting
  • Her passion for representing the “little guy”
  • “There’s never a no, just not yet”

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