#023 Heather Connor: Becoming Who You’re Meant To Be

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#023 Heather Connor: Becoming Who You're Meant To Be

Training to be the IPF World Champ does not come easy. That title is carved with endless hours in the gym and a discipline to training that goes beyond the norm. And though she is the ONLY IPF Powerlfiter to deadlift quadruple her bodyweight, Heather Conners growth has come more from within, than from on the bar.

Bright, witty and quick to make you laugh, Heather gives us a backstage pass on what it’s like being an elite powerlifter. Sharing hilarious drinking stories with powerlifters from around, she and I more seriously dive deep into her own health struggles with Chrons disease as well as living with anxiety & depression.

In this episode, Heather and I talk about books that have helped her growth, such as “Girl Wash Your Face”. Listen as we go over:

  • Our husbands being so alike
  • “Everything Is Trash, but that’s ok”
  • How she realized she developed Chrons Disease
  • Silencing her mind through training

Featured Guest/People Mentioned:

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