#024 Laura Phelps: The Queen Bee Of Powerlifting

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#024 Laura Phelps: The Queen Bee Of Powerlifting

Being the first woman to ever total 11x her bodyweight, you can say Laura Phelps is pretty damn strong. Her numerous world records still hold true even after several years of retirement. Laura is still ranked #2 All-Time Best lifter in multi-ply (men & women) right behind the legendary Dave Hoff with an astonishing 776 wilks.

However Laura is more than just a phenomenal powerlifter, she is a woman driven to grow the sport. With the help from the loyal people surrounding her, Laura and the rest of the dedicated crew put on one the largest Women’s Only Powerlifting meet in the United States. The APF Cincinnati Women’s Pro/Am is revered for its magnetic atmosphere and outstanding performances from some of the strongest women in the game.

In this episode, Laura and I discuss how Crossfit Conjugate began and how she and Westside Barbell got involved. Listen as we go over:

  • Her early days as a bodybuilder learning powerlifting
  • Talking her way into competing….then breaking the World Record
  • Better fitness can make powerlifters stronger
  • Crossfit Conjugate
  • Training at Westside
  • Being a small business owner

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