#035 Tips For Your First Powerlifting Meet

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#035 Tips For Your First Powerlifting Meet

Got questions about your first powerlifting meet? Not sure what to eat or how to calculate your attempts? Listen as I talk about everything you need to know leading up to meet day!

In this episode, I break down various parts of gearing up for your first meet. Listen as I go over:
  • 4:50- What to do weeks leading up into the meet
  • 7:00- Squat Commands
  • 9:04- Bench Commands
  • 11:35- Deadlift Commands
  • 12:57- Common causes for Squat “No-Lifts”
  • 15:45- Common causes for Bench “No-Lifts”
  • 18:15- Common causes for Deadlift “No-Lifts”
  • 22:25- Other mistakes people overlook
  • 25:08- Weigh-Ins/ Check-Ins: What to expect?
  • 33:50- After check-ins
  • 35:00- MEET DAY! How should I approach it?
  • 36:46- Tip: Warming up & meet etiquette
  • 40:59- Tip: How to choose your meet attempts? Do you just go by feel or should you have a number?
Featured Guest/People Mentioned:
  • Juggernaut Strength Systems article Here
  • Suero Electrolyte Drink Here
  • Core Barbell Powerlifting (@coresandp)

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