#036 Jen Thompson: 11x I.P.F World Champ Not Slowing Down

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#036 Jen Thompson: 11x I.P.F World Champ Not Slowing Down

Known as a massive bencher, 132lbs Jen Thompson has been steadily climbing the WILKS ranks for over 20 years. With a record bench of 319.6lbs, Jen also holds a 1,101 total and a whopping 548 WILKS which is just insanely strong. It’s no wonder she’s an 11x IPF World Champ.

Strong, confident and full of energy, Jen began her journey like many of us, a shy rookie. Though her bench was already off to a great start, Jen recounts how she learned to deadlift just days before her first meet, a meet she almost bombed out of. Not discouraged but rather driven by the excitement, Jen has powered through the years accumulating layers of muscle, strength, and tenacity towards being the best.

In this episode, Jen and I talk about how she got started and how that has changed over the years. Listen as I go over:
  • Tips to increase your bench
  • Almost bombing out from her 1st meet
  • Where it all began
  • Recovery methods she uses as a master’s athlete
  • Jen’s training and how that differs from most
  • Youth powerlifting. Positives and negatives
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