#037 Q & A with Christina Myers: Ideal Meet Prep Time, Hybrid Athlete, Burnout, IG’s We Follow & more!

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#037 Q & A with Christina Myers: Ideal Meet Prep Time, Hybrid Athlete, Burnout, IG's We Follow & more!

Our Q & A is back with coach Christine Myers! Listen as we discuss questions that were asked on our Instagram & Facebook “Golden Mic” Post!

In this episode, Christina and I talk about what to do when you burnout and some ways to mitigate those feelings. Listen as we go over:
  • 4:41, Best tips on how to make an online coach/athlete relationship work?
  • 14:26, In regards to coaching and training beginners, are there any special considerations based on sex for how to approach programming?
  • 32:48, Programming for a hybrid athlete. How would you go about someone who has multiple competing interests such as powerlifting + weightlifting or Crossfit?
  • 43:20, What is your approach to coaching lifters under the pressure of extreme life stressors?
  • 55:26, What would you consider an ideal timeline for a meet prep?
  • 1:05, What are the best strategies for someone who has reached the “burnout” point- mainly due to stressors other than powerlifting?
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