#044 Q & A with Randi Lee: Meet Prep, Plant Base Diets, Oracle Cards & more!

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#044 Q & A with Randi Lee: Meet Prep, Plant Base Diets, Oracle Cards & more!

Our Q & A is back with Mindset Coach and Int’l Elite Powerlifter Randi Lee! Listen as we discuss questions that were asked on our Instagram & Facebook “Golden Mic” Post!

In this episode, Randi and I talk about her new plant base eating and why she made the switch. Listen as we go over:
  • What does the week leading up to a meet look like for you?- @sdkjohnson
  • What do the women in strength sports need to become more sustainable on a business level?
  • What are the most difficult things we experience being women lifters?
  • Thoughts on being plant-based and being a powerlifter?-@tiaga23
  • Differences mentally, physically and nutritionally between powerlifting & bodybuilding?-@tiaga23
  • How can we learn more about oracle cards? Are they similar to Tarot cards?
  • When you are deep into meet prep, do you find other parts of your life like business suffer? @ana_smash
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