#88 5 Tips To Recovering From Injuries w/ Dr. Kaytlyn Wells

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#88 5 Tips To Recovering From Injuries w/ Dr. Kaytlyn Wells

“You can still lift, you should still lift and it’s possible to keep improving your lifts while you’re injured.”

Dr. Kaytlyn Wells from Beyond Recovery Physical Therapy breaks down the ways she helps her clients every day recover from injuries while still progressing in their training and lifts.

Listen as we go over:

  • Her background and journey in training
  • 5 Tips On Recovering From Injuries:
    1. Keep lifting: Don’t always take time off lifting
    2. Video: Seeing where your technique breaks down
    3. Change Intensity (weight on bar) or Volume (Reps x Sets x Weight= Volume)
    4. Change exercise variation: tempo, negatives, pauses
    5. Auto Regulate: keeping relative intensity HIGH, but absolute intensity low
Featured Guest/People/Info Mentioned:
  • Dr. Kaytlyn Wells @beyond.recoveryphysicaltherapy
  • Beyond Recovery Physical Therapy https://www.beyondrecoverypt.com/

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