#93 Lesson on Handling Nerves, Stress & Cutting with International Elite Powerlifter Liz Ribaudo

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#93 Lesson on Handling Nerves, Stress & Cutting with International Elite Powerlifter Liz Ribaudo

Many of us have doubted ourselves before stepping on the platform, and it’s always nice to hear some of the strongest lifters in the world also do the same.

Today, Liz Ribaudo candidly opens up about her struggles not only with feelings of self-doubt but the stress that results in a lifting session that just doesn’t go our way. Her self awareness, honesty and the need to constantly improve allowed her to hit the coveted 504 dots and become one of the strongest 148’s there is.

Listen as we go over:

  1. Her nerve-wracking experience at one of the biggest meets, The Showdown
  2. Her gym, Fortis Fitness Studio
  3. Transitioning from teaching to coaching
  4. Skin cancer
  5. Why she doesn’t cut weight anymore
  6. Training with her husband, Nate

You can find the products I talk about here:

  • Lix Ribaudo @lizribaudo_fortis
  • Fortis Fitness Studio @fortisfitnessstudio
  • Nate Ribaudo @nateribaudo_fortis
  • Fortis Powerlifting @fortispowerlifting
  • Gary Brewer @gbrewerpower

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