#94 How Writing Can Be Transformative with Elite Powerlifter, Writer & Professor Janna Moretti

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#94 How Writing Can Be Transformative with Elite Powerlifter, Writer & Professor Janna Moretti

From her first construction paper-bound book at age 8, Janna Moretti knew she loved writing. Like many of us, our lives take twists and turns that lead our career and life paths in different directions, as did Janna. Luckily, at almost the age of 30, she found herself back studying and pursuing her first love, writing.

Today, Janna shares how her passion for writing and powerlifting have combined as she embarks on a new project to tell female powerlifters’ journeys through written stories.

Listen as we go over:

  1. Why writing has always spoken to her
  2. Being a marine and her early years before pursuing her passion
  3. Why writing can paint a different picture
  4. The female powerlifting interview stories collaborating with the Sisters of Irons
  5. How to get started writing for beginners

You can find the products I talk about here:

  • Janna Moretti @janna_moretti
  • Sisters of Iron @sisters_of_iron
  • Susie Aranda @susie_aranda
  • Ruben Moretti @rueben_moretti
  • Alamo Tattoo @alamotattoo

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