#79 Living Authentically with Queer Eye Contestant Angel Flores

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#79 Living Authentically with Queer Eye Contestant Angel Flores

Banging & clanging at Austin Texas Liberation Barbell is where Angel Flores felt most at home. That was not always the case stepping out of the gym- until five fabulous people came marching through the doors and lit her up like a whiff of ammonia.

Season six of the hit reality television show Queer Eye featured trans weightlifting coach and powerlifter Angel Flores. The show highlights her early journey through the physical and emotional transition as she maneuvers through the intricacies of discovering “who Angel is”.

I could probably speak for everyone who watched the show that the episode was emotional, heartwarming, and truly inspiring.

In this episode, Angel and I talk about her journey as an athlete and answer questions posed on Instagram. Listen as we go over:

  • Behind the scenes of shooting Queer Eye
  • What she loved most about being on the show
  • Her journey in football, weightlifting and subsequently powerlifting
  • Training Fab Five Host JVN
  • Eligibility & criteria to compete in weightlifting
  • Questions she answered:
    • What was the first step you took in learning to love/accept yourself more and feel comfortable in your skin? @fittwithashley
    • What gave you the courage to start training? I’m still terrified! @dorothy_delonpre
    • What advice would you give to tore trans kids about facing adversity? @d_mol12
    • What makes you smile on the daily? @d_mol12
    • What is the day and the life of transitioning? @got2b-jordana
      What is the best way cishet people can support and prioritize inclusivity for LGBTQ+ lifters? @syd.ney.ann
Featured Guest/People/Info Mentioned:
  • Angel “Arkangel” Flores @arkangeljoy
  • Vinny Vela @berserker_bastard
  • Laurie @lauriebjj
  • Julia Hamilton @ladybeast_juju
  • Liberation Barbell Gym @liberationbarbellclub
  • Queer Eye @queereye
  • Jonathan Van Ness @jvn

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