#70 Believing You Can with #2 Ranked Kiersten Scurlock

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#70 Believing You Can with #2 Ranked Kiersten Scurlock

“I spent the first couple years in powerlifting trying to fit into the 165 weight class”. “…the moment I let myself do that (get bigger), my lifts got stronger. Significantly stronger, like 500lbs in 3 years.”

Often overlooked, but largely important is letting go of a body ideal that sometimes, is not ideal for our body. As many of us have struggled with, confidence was an area that took Kiersten Scurlock many years to develop. As a former competitive cheerleader, Kiersten struggled to perform come competition time. Never seeing the true potential in herself as coaches saw in her, she admittingly held herself back for most of her cheer career until one day, she decided it was enough.

This is Kiersten’s journey towards discovering who that person was, who she was going to be, and unlocking her strength within. Her story is one that resonates with many of us as we have all traveled down a path unconfidently at some point. Not allowing to be held back any longer, Kiersten became really strong both physically and mentally, building herself to have the All-Time #2 Wrap Squat record at an astounding 666lbs and ranking #2 in the world in her raw weight class.

In this episode, Kiersten and I talk her struggles early in her cheer career. Listen as we go over:
  • How she built confidence
  • Taking 2nd at Cheer Nationals
  • Utilizing the Cube Method as her first program
  • Why she struggled with minimal strength progress for 3 years
  • Letting herself compete in a heavier weight class
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