#71 Becoming Mentally Strong with Coach Riley Presnell

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#71 Becoming Mentally Strong with Coach Riley Presnell

As a powerlifting coach, International Elite powerlifter, WRPF ref, and small business owner, Riley Presnell is blazing the way to help grow the powerlifting community. With a background in psychology & decades of competitive sports, combining the physical and mental aspects of strength seemed to fit perfectly for her.

Riley’s purpose, as she shares in this episode, is to “Help people realize that their strength starts in their brain and you can’t actually express it physically unless you are able to hone into that mentally’. Today, Riley shares insight on how you can tap into your mental strength to reach your full potential, as well as answer questions that were submitted on Instagram.

In this episode, Riley and I discuss her years in sand vollyball that lead her to eventually compete in powerlifting. Listen as we go over:
  • Cutting for the Showdown and how that went
  • Playing it safe or sending it
  • Overcoming negative thoughts by changing the perspective
  • Becoming a powerlifting coach
  • The importance of self belief

Questions we covered:

  1. How did you become a coach and what process did you take to grow your community? @hollister_lifts
  2. Mindset for moving on after a bad meet? @Kelyf.13
  3. At what point in your powerlifting journey did you see a huge leap in strength gains and what do you attribute it to? @Hannah3405 
  4. What is one of the most helpful things to improve sumo deadlifts? @hollister_lifts
  5. What would you implement for a new lifter that has issues flaring their elbows out on the press motion of the bench? @Emily.be.strong
  6. What is your purpose? @Britt.ironsavages.fit
Featured Guest/People Mentioned:
  • Riley Presnell @rileypresnell
  • Trevor Jafee @jaffestrength
  • Charlie Binkley @charliebink1ey
  • Jenn Rotsinger @jrotsinger
  • The Showdown Meet @the_showdown_meet

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