#73 The Main Event Project: “We’re Not Just A Side Show”

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#73 The Main Event Project: "We're Not Just A Side Show"

Taking the powerlifting community by storm, the ladies of the Main Event Project are here to make an impact for years to come. Comprised of Elite powerlifters Tara Duncan, Leah Reichman, Allison Hind, and Amber Hansen, MEP is a non-profit organization focusing on empowerment, education, and most importantly, equality for women in sports.

Beginning first with a push towards adding more upper weight classes for women other than the 90kg+/198lbs+, many federations have already added 100kg/220lbs & 110kg242lbs+ since their initiative. This, as we are told, is just the beginning of what they hope to achieve for not only the current lifters but those lifters for years to come.

In this episode, MEP and I discuss what is the goal for the organization. Listen as we go over:
  • Why add more weight classes
  • How they all came together
  • What are their current initiatives
  • Laura Phelps Womens Only Pro/Am sponsorship
  • Reaching out to meet directors
  • Future initiatives
  • Kolb Scholarship
Featured Guest/People Mentioned:
  • The Main Event Project @themaineventproject
  • Amber Hansen @amberr.alice
  • Leach Reichman @leahreichman
  • Allison Hind @allisonhind.pl
  • Tara Duncan @liftlikemommy
  • Laura Phelps Stackhouse @queenbeepower
  • Charlie Binkley @charliebink1ey
  • Jimmy Kolb @kolbstrong
  • Kate Kolb @thekatekolb
  • Kolb Strong Scholarship @kolbstrongscholarship
  • Lifting Large @liftinglargedotcom

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