#060 Powerlifting for Mental Health – The Advantages & Warning Signs

The Future Is Female Powerlifting
The Future Is Female Powerlifting
#060 Powerlifting for Mental Health – The Advantages & Warning Signs

Joining me again for another knowledge bomb episode is Dr. Vanessa Gale, The Strength Gals powerlifting coach and developer of the Holistic Alignment Strategy. Today we explore the mental and physical advantages of powerlifting as well as the warning signs that you may be too critical towards yourself.

In this episode, Vanessa discusses why having a perspective shift can help connect us to what is important to us in powerlifting. Listen as we go over:
  • Mental physical benefits of powerlifting. We get nerdy πŸ˜‚
  • Observing vs. Judging: winning the process versus the destination
  • Attachments to outcomes and why they could be doing you a disservice
  • Signs you might be judging yourself too critically
  • How we can change our self-judgment to benefit us rather than hurt us
  • “Powerlifting is something I do, not who I am:” What does this mean?
  • Remembering you are a SOUL, not a ROLE. How does this look like for you?
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